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Content Management System

Datatech Media delivers content management systems designed to help non-technical users easily create and manage websites with the least training. And since our technologies are already developed, updated, tested and trusted in various organizations, we complete huge projects in weeks and not months.

We put website control in your hands, so that your site always stays relevant and up-to-date, and keeps your customers engaged.

Content managed websites are generally more expensive initially, as they cost more to develop. But they are more cost-effective in the long run, because you will be less dependent on web developers when you need any alterations to your website.

These systems are made to be controlled easily and allow you to effortlessly alter the content without any risk of breaking the system down. You don't need the understanding of HTML or other scripting languages to run your website.

Though we do assist you at every point of your website life cycle, but it is best and most comfortable for you when things are in your hands. This is why most clients prefer content managed websites so that they can make updates easily.

A CMS system will allow you to:

  • Add, edit and delete content (like text and images)
  • Upload new graphics
  • Create and add new drop downs and pages
  • Add basic SEO options
  • Add edit and delete email forms
There are many options for content management systems and our developers can select the right system according to your needs. Some major content management tools available in the market are:

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Wordpress
Though these content management systems are extremely easy, we also provide professional training so that you can understand these interfaces more easily.

contact us now with your queries, and let us know if you need user training as well.
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