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Ebay API

The solution to get sales success in almost any eBay category is high degree selling, and high degree selling can be achieved only if the system is fine tuned and all procedures are in their place and order. You may think of API as the back door entry to eBay for high volume processes.

Datatech Media is a member of the eBay Developer program, and is an eBay certified provider. We create custom API solutions to connect businesses to eBay.

We have already helped many eBay sellers to run thousands of auctions, resulting in millions in sales! Do you want the custom software solution that offers you huge success? Contact Us, and we will build the right kind of solutions for your company.

EBay operations from Datatech Media have many benefits.

Raise your revenues
  • Automatic second chance offers, depending upon your constraints
  • Automatic listings that can post themselves to eBay even when unattended, based on the schedule and rules you select
  • Automatic payment reminders, based on the schedule that you decide
  • Automatic feedback posting and reminders, depending on your rules
  • Higher sell through charges with automatic duration extending tool
  • Client checkout program to allow clients to self accessorize, thereby enhancing the profits of every auction
Lower your costs
  • Personalized techniques for lowering eBay costs
  • Listing screens customized to your industry specifics, thus enabling staff efficiency
  • Automatic dispute processing that lowers the burden on your customer service department
  • Administer multiple eBay seller accounts using one interface
  • Lower mistakes that lead to bad feedbacks, like erroneously running auctions for items that are not in stock
You have invested a lot in running your business and getting software developed for it. Just imagine the possibilities that show up as you achieve real time, seamless integration of internal software system and eBay operations!
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