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Discover an easy and fast way to manage your blogs and websites. Wordpress technology is revolutionizing the internet. Find various solutions for every need with the help of our Wordpress specialists.

At Datatech Media, we make user friendly and search engine optimized blogs and websites using Wordpress technology. This technology has gained immense popularity among small businesses and professionals.

Our Wordpress services cover the following domains:

Site setup

We can setup your professional Wordpress sites, making use of premium plugins and themes. The websites we build are optimised for better search engine rankings, mobile friendly displays and high page speed, along with scheduled backups and safety issues


We have special packages in case you are looking for help for major upgrading, maintenance, consulting or troubleshooting.

Wordpress SEO

Since most of our clients come to us via search engines, we know that SEO is very important for business. Are you getting business from search engines rankings? Allow us to optimise your landing page and configure the Wordpress background for better SEO results.


We assure you high speed increase, and you can see the difference as your pages load in less than 4 seconds. Your site speed is an important ranking feature in Google. Faster speed gives higher SEO ranking


We promise to restore your site in record time or you can have your money back!

Wordpress Mobile

Optimise the look and feel of your website for people who access it through their smart phones. There are many mobile platforms like iPad/iPhone, Android devices, Palm, Samsung, Kindle, and Blackberry among others. No need for double tapping, scrolling or distracting sidebars. Get the fastest loading websites with intuitive apps and menus.

Go through our testimonials and see our portfolio for our latest successful Wordpress projects.
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