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Zen Cart

Enjoy a fast paced ride into the planet of ecommerce and Zen Cart. Diving into ecommerce might be complicated and murky, but our services will let you get up and running in almost no time.

We handle all your Zen Cart requirements, along with database work, site moves, custom programming, troubleshooting, and a lot of other development services. We understand that handling your catalog and taking care of your customers is a big task, and you most probably do not want to worry about the Zen Cart operations.

We realize that, and this is why our designers, developers and programmers take full care to meet all your online store's needs.

We install all the Zen Cart mods that you want, and we also offer updates. We even help you decide if customization or mods are for you or not. call us to know more about general mod installations.

Do you want to move your Zen Cart? It can be quite a hectic thing to do. We understand that there are many complications regarding this process, and thus we offer a complete and easy system for moving carts. We are able to move Zen Carts easily in a very calculated manner. We take backups and all precautions to make sure that things are safe and secure.

Datatech Media can troubleshoot the problems that you are facing with Zen Cart. We have repaired PHP, SEO URL, Paypal IPN and many other errors in the past. We always follow the latest strategy and fix bugs that can pester your customers. And since we have been in the business for long, we have already handled the most common bugs- this makes us experts in fixing them.

If you want to move database tables into new or other Zen Cart installations, or troubleshoot SQL errors, we can help you do that. For details on more Zen Cart customized services, contact us and we will help you get started.
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